7 Tricks to Weight Loss On the Job

weight loss programs knoxvilleMany of us face the same struggle every day at work, no matter how good our intentions are, the workplace becomes a foe to our weight loss goals. Whether it’s due to all the stress-fueled snacking, or the fact that many jobs have prolonged periods of minimal movement, keeping the weight off at work becomes its own struggle. There have been many different exercises suggested for people who work behind a desk, but all too often these become too cumbersome to perform throughout our busy work day.

The truth is if you don’t want your job to deter your weight loss efforts it’s going to take some intentional effort away from your desk. Finding ways to minimize the damage, and sneak in some healthier options will go a long way in preventing unnecessary weight gain. That is why we’ve put together 7 simple habits you can include in your work day to boost your weight loss efforts.

1. 30 Minute Exercise No Matter What
Unfortunately, the truth is you’re not going to reach your ideal weight without some exercise. The key to this is simple but not always easy. First, you need to find at least 30 minutes in your day for exercise, and that needs to be at least 5 times a week. That’s only one less TV show, a day, or cutting back a little on one hobby or some leisure time. The next thing you need to keep in mind is that weight loss and exercise are long term goals. The plan isn’t to get to your ideal weight and stop, but instead to develop a habit that you can keep for life. Find a workout routine that you can be committed to. Remember, the years will pass regardless, therefore why not watch the weight pass away with them as well.

2. Your Friend The Stairwell 
You have probably heard this before, but have you implemented it yet? Choosing the stairwell over the elevator will make a difference. The key is committing to it. If you choose the stairwell here and there it’s not going to make much of an impact, but if you commit to using the stairwell over the alternative every time it will add up and move you closer to your weight loss goals. You can even go as far as choosing to go out of your way to hit the stairwell a few extra times. Why not use the bathroom or breakroom on the bottom floor instead of the closest one.

3. Create Your Own Snack Supply
We’ve all been there, breakfast wasn’t quite enough, or lunch is just a bit too far away, and now we’re hungry. It is at these times when we run to whatever options are available, and far too often those options are not the best ones for our weight loss goals. Instead of being dependent on the vending machine or the break room options, build up your own selection of healthy snack alternatives. By being prepared with good for your options you can curb those cravings the right way every time. Make sure to do your research to make sure that you’re not just stocking healthy-sounding labels.

4. Water Water Water
This work weight loss trick is simple but it still takes commitment. You should aim to drink at least 91 ounces of water each day. Remember, it’s not likely that you’ll be thirsty for all 91 of those ounces, so you will have to be disciplined and record how much you have had to ensure that you meet your goal.

5. Protein Snack Chasers
Oddly enough, this trick involves eating more! Whenever you have a Snack, make sure you eat some protein afterward. This will assist your weight loss because protein takes longer to digest, so it will keep you feeling fuller longer. Additionally, eating protein after your snacks will slow down the digestive process so you won’t be as susceptible to a sugar crash.

6. Packed Lunch
Preparing your own lunch provides several weight loss focused benefits. First and foremost, you are able to control how much and of what you are eating. Heading out for a fast lunch on your break can lead to more calories than you might imagine. When you prepare your own lunch you can keep those negative calories at bay.

In addition to the nutritional benefits of packing your own lunch, you will also find yourself with more free time on your break. Without the scramble of leaving your desk and fighting traffic for a meal, you can use that extra time to your advantage. Either take a moment to de-stress or if you’re feeling really committed go for a walk with those extra minutes.

7. Standing Room Only
Admittedly, initial research shows that standing at your desk over sitting won’t burn that many more extra calories. However, it’s not just about the calorie burn. Standing at your desk has been shown to benefit the circulatory system greatly and can even reduce your risk of certain types of cancer and diabetes. (source) While we typically think of weight loss as a calorie game, maintaining a healthy circulatory system goes a long way to reaching your goal.

Clock-In and Conquer
Now that you have some tips to boosting your weight loss while you’re on the job there’s only one thing left to add. Commitment. Just like you have days that you don’t want to go into to work at all, there will be days that you’d rather take the elevator, sit, or go to the vending machine. Those are the days that matter most. These seven tips are small and may seem insignificant, but if you keep them up, day after day, in time you will see your weight loss goals realized. Remember, the years will surely pass anyway, so make commitments to long-term results.

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7 Tricks to Weight Loss On the Job

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