Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight lossPlanning a weight loss program involves a lot of science and research. In order for a weight loss program to work, it has to cater to specific needs of the individuals concerned and be well strategized.

To pair with your weight loss program, here are 9 tips to speed things along and get you results quicker!


  1. Water
    Studies show drinking water half an hour before meals helps you eat less and lose more weight. Your body needs water to effectively metabolize stored fat, making it easier to burn calories.
  1. Tea
    Tea, especially green tea, helps burn more calories in a day due to their metabolism-enhancing antioxidants.
  1. Avoid liquid calories
    Studies find that the body does not take in liquid calories the way it does solid calories. For example a tall glass of caffe mocha has roughly the same amount of calories in a cheeseburger, the level of satisfaction will still not be the same.


  1. Lose the salt, sugar and starch
    Salt contributes to water retention, making you look and feel bloated so ditch food and drinks that contain too much of it.Sugar and starch, better known as carbs, stimulate the secretion of insulin, which is the main fat storage hormone of the body. Once insulin levels begin to drop, fat can easily get out of its storage and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs – making you lose weight without feeling hungry.
  1. Eat protein, fat, and vegetables in smaller plates
    It is important that your meal contains these 3 to boost metabolism, lose appetite, keep you filled with vitamins, fiber and minerals. A combination of these 3 sources will drastically lower your insulin levels. Be sure to eat in smaller plates because studies show this helps people eat less.
  1. Eat every meal
    Now that you know what you should intake, be sure to stay stuffed! Skipping meals will only backfire because your body will think food is in short supply, causing it to slow down your metabolism to conserve energy.


  1. Exercise thrice a week
    The best pair for your healthy diet is a workout plan, then your weight loss program is complete! It is recommended to go at least thrice a week and mixing in various types of routines. Weight lifting or strength training like push-ups and squats helps build muscle – muscle burns calories both at work and at rest.
  1. Take a walk
    Exercising shouldn’t always be cardio and resistance. It can also be little things you do during your day that add up in the long run. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride a bike instead of driving a car. Studies also show that exercising in the evening has its perks because this keeps your metabolic rate up longer.
  1. Sleep
    Finally, get some rest. Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain because it slows down metabolism.


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