Reduce Back Fat

Reduce Back FatThe hunt for the most effective weight loss program in Knoxville is a continuous challenge. More often than not, individuals strive to look for a quick weight loss program and put less emphasis on whether or not it is the best weight loss program for their specific needs.

At Better Life Medical, we understand that in order to succeed, these one’s weight loss program should be crafted on a case-to-case basis, depending on the individual’s personal goals and needs. Before you embark on your journey to healthy living, here’s a look at 9 general factors why you may find it hard to reduce back fat.

  1. Resistance Training
    Not using enough of this isn’t helping you burn calories and body fat as efficiently. Add in a few dumbbells to your workout to effectively reduce back fat.
  1. Cardio
    Having a weak cardio work out won’t do. You have to increase the duration, time, and intensity of your program to gain results and reduce back fat.
  1. Diet
    Got an effective weight loss program? Great! Don’t mess up your progress by eating poorly. In order to get energized, burn fat and sculpt your back, you will have to pair your exercise with a healthy eating plan full of proteins, good fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  1. Alcohol
    A glass of wine per night is relatively healthy but if you notice the number of refills shooting up, just imagine how much calorie intake you’re letting in your system as well.
  1. Overall targeting
    Your back is made up for 4 main muscles namely: It is not possible to focus on one or two spots therefore you must also work on your muscles that surround your back in order to get a well proportioned sculpt.
  1. Stress
    Stress hormones can hinder your body’s ability to burn fat. It is important to regularly take breaks in order to recharge your mental health. Getting enough rest during the day and around 6-8 hours of sleep a night is best for performing at your maximum physical and mental capacity.
  1. Lack of variation
    Having a routine workout for too long can cause boredom and eventually, burnout. Find a combination of routines that can help keep you engaged and motivated.
  1. Dehydration
    Not consuming enough water slows down the recovery process of your muscles. It also prevents toxins from flushing out of your body.
  1. Taking it easy
    To gain results, one must be consistent yet patient. Know when your routine is not working and hire a personal trainer if you need that extra push.