Woke Up With a Food Belly? (aka Bloated Stomach)

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It’s so disturbing when you wake up in the morning and your perfect jeans are just a little too tight and all of a sudden you feel like you have put on some weight. When in reality, it’s what you ate last night that caused your stomach to bloat. There is no harm in occasionally eating what you like or to enjoy the party but it is important to not overdo it. Bloating obviously is not a permanent or a long term problem and it does go away, but it isn’t cute.

No one should take this temporary pregnancy lightly. Bloating does go away but if It keeps on occurring than that means you are a victim of Chronic bloating which is a sigh of inflammation and an unhealthy gut. If you are experiencing gas and bloating every now and again, then this is what you need to keep a check on:

Chewing Gum
Now, what harm can a chewing gum do to you? Sugarless gums may seem harmless but can cause more damage than you think. They contain artificial ingredients that can cause bloating if used on a regular basis. Those artificial ingredients are difficult to digest and take a while to be processed by your intestine, which can cause inflammation. Try various brands that are free from these ingredients such as sorbitol and stick to just a few pieces a day.

Nutrition Bars
You probably don’t think about beans when you open up a protein bar, but a lot of them contain protein isolate resulting from soybeans—something many people find gas-inducing. Like other beans, soy contains oligosaccharides, sugar molecules that the body can’t break down entirely.

Dried Fruit
Nature’s candy, dried fruit can be a great source of nutrients and fiber. But it can also be a source of gas for those who are experiencing fructose mal-absorption, which occurs when the body has trouble absorbing the natural sugar. Dried fruits are mainly high in fructose; fresh stone fruits, citrus fruits, and berries are safer options for those with allergies.

The Wrong Almond Milk
Almond milk is a better option than cow’s milk for those with lactose intolerance, which is why it is endorsed as a great base for Zero Belly drinks. But you may be sabotaging your healthy life goals if you’re buying a product from a brand that contains a thickening agent called carrageenan. Sourced from seaweed, carrageenan has been connected with ulcers, inflammation, and other gastrointestinal complications. If you notice bloating after drinking almond milk, consider switching brands.

Canned Soup
Good for the soul but hypothetically bad for the stomach, soup can hide insane quantities of sodium that may lead to water retention and transitory weight gain. When you overkill your system with salt, your kidneys can’t keep up. Salt that would otherwise be washed out of your body has to sit in your bloodstream, where it entices water, triggering increased blood pressure and bloating.

While bloating may not be life threatening, it is uncomfortable and prolonged bloating can lead to real issues. Be mindful of what you are eating, and pay attention to how your body responds. Most of these options aren’t complete no-nos, so instead try switching brands or indulging less frequently.

To your best, healthiest body!
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