Winning The Weight Loss Battle: A Local Couple Teams Up to Slim Down

Weight loss is a common challenge not only in Knoxville but also all over the world. There have been countless fad diets, myths and weight loss programs that have gone viral, doing nothing but leaving individuals losing the weight loss battle. Weight loss programs in Knoxville and other parts of the world continue to sprout left and right but who’s to say they really work?

Better Life Medical utilizes programs that are also available in other medical centers across the globe. We are always proud to share stories from real patients that have tested it out and were satisfied with their results. John and Michelle share their story as they ventured into medical weight loss under the care of Synergy Medical Center.

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Until a few months ago, John and Michelle Toomer’s story was typical. The couple spent their days juggling work and their kid’s activities, giving little thought to their personal health and eating habits.

“We were always on the go,” recalls Michelle. “There were lots of chicken nuggets, tater tots and McDonald’s trips.”

Over time, their fast-paced lifestyle and fast-food diet took its toll. When John tipped the scales at 240 pounds and Michelle hovered at a size 12, the mother of three decided something had to give.

“I was tired of looking the way I did and wanted to make a change,” she says.

While attending her son’s fall festival, she came across a booth for medical weight loss with Synergy Medical Centers. “Over the years, we had tried diets, boot camps…everything,” she says. Skeptical but desperate, Michelle decided to give Synergy a chance.

Thirty days later, a low-calorie diet, daily appetite suppressant and weekly visits to Synergy left Michelle 15 pounds lighter—and halfway to her goal weight, John was intrigued.

“Neither of us have any willpower, but I noticed during that first month that Michelle wasn’t tempted by the kid’s treats anymore,” he says. “That’s when I realized this might be worth a try.”

Within four months of joining Michelle at Synergy, John’s weight dipped below 200 pounds. “I hadn’t weighed that since college,” he says. Motivated by their success, the couple bumped up their goals. Michelle lost 10 more pounds; John dropped another 13.

Soon, their neighbors and coworkers began taking notice. “You can watch weight-loss commercials all day long, but when people you know are experiencing results, it makes you a believer,” says John. So far, nearly a dozen of their friends have jumped on the Synergy bandwagon. “Now anytime we have parties, we have diet mixers for the drinks,” laughs John.

Making those kinds of small but impactful changes in their eating habits has made the difference for the pair. Weekly meetings with the Synergy counselors taught them how to make healthier choices, like swapping ground turkey for beef, while regular weigh-ins provided much-needed motivation. “When you know you’re going to have to step on the scale every week, it inspires you to buckle down,”says John.

Having lost over 100 pounds between them, Michelle says the reward isn’t only the number on the scale: “When you look good, you feel good, and you have more self-confidence.” Recently, the couple put their newfound confidence—and new, lean bodies—to the test during a Colorado vacation.

“We went rock-climbing and hiking,” John shares. “Those are things we couldn’t have done before Synergy.” 

John and Michelle’s Slim-Down Secrets

1. Know It All: Use the Internet to fi­nd out caloric levels of everything you eat. Get the facts so you can make informed choices.

2. Think Small: Eating smaller meals more often will keep you from being hungry so you’re less tempted to splurge.

3. Find a Buddy: It’s easier to stay on track when you have someone holding you accountable.

4. Be Slip-Up Savvy: You’re going to have bad days, but you can’t beat yourself up over it. Just be more diligent the next day.

5. Chart Your Progress: Step on the scale every morning. Watching your progress over time is really motivating.

Story by Suzanna Logan

Be inspired and take on a weight loss program in Knoxville to see how far results can take you! Follow John and Michelle’s slim-down secrets to make a habit of a healthy lifestyle. Better Life Medical utilizes the same programs that can be customized to suit your specific needs, helping you achieve your goal and win that weight loss battle for good!

We understand that the possible change this can bring about your lifestyle leaves you hesitant which is why you may request a FREE consultation through our website or leave us a message here.


Real Story of Weight Loss – Knoxville TN Quick Weight Loss


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