All I Want For The New Year… Is To Fit Into Some Skinny Jeans!

Weight loss programs are offered year-round but when do we remember them the most? After the holidays and around a month before summer, people start to panic and search for weight loss programs in their hometowns – yes, this happens with Weight loss programs in Knoxville, too!

Despite how we celebrate the holidays—our religions, race or beliefs— one common bond runs throughout: we all gain weight. ‘Tis the season to pack on the pounds.

But, this year
, what if you bucked the system? Got your weight under control before the holidays, donned some skinny jeans to that big holiday fete, and came out unscathed (And unfat)? Impossible, you say? Unrealistic, you say?

weight loss programs knoxville

Well, that’s just what Melissa Stroud and Darla Steadham thought, too: that they were simply destined to watch the numbers on the scale continue to creep up. But then these two Cobb ladies tried something that they both never thought they’d consider: medical weight loss. Now they’re heading into the holidays svelte, sassy, and sans their elastic-waist pants.

Better Life Medical utilizes programs that are also available in other medical centers across the globe. We are always proud to share stories from real patients that have tested it out and were satisfied with their results. Melissa and Darla share their story as they ventured into medical weight loss under the care of Synergy Medical Center.

Skeptical Melissa
Melissa Stroud was a nurse practitioner at Synergy Medical Centers in Acworth, but she was a skeptic when it came to medical weight loss. “When I first joined the Synergy team, I wasn’t sure how I felt about medical weight loss,” she admits. “I wasn’t skeptical of the results; my patients were definitely losing weight and keeping it off, but I wanted to be sure it was a safe and healthy way to lose weight.” So, she watched, and she researched, and she became an expert. And then…she became a patient. More on Melissa in a moment, but first, you must meet Darla.

Suffering Darla
Darla Steadham didn’t come to Synergy for weight loss. She came because of pain. A car accident had left her with nerve damage, and she knew her creeping weight was only making the pain worse. The doctors at Synergy Medical Center explained that every pound she lost would be like removing four pounds of weight from her joints.“The thought of losing 50 pounds and removing 200 pounds of pressure from my knees was inspiring,” she says.

The Skinny On The Program
So, both ladies were prescribed tailor-made medical weight loss programs. Unlike traditional diet plans or weigh-ins, Synergy addresses the full gamut of weight loss: from healthy eating to increasing metabolism in order to burn stubborn fat stores. Here’s a rundown of what Darla and Melissa did, and why it worked:

  • Nutritional counseling retrained them on serving sizes and healthy choices.
  • Prescription appetite suppressants gave them the edge needed to create better eating habits.
  • Low-impact exercise burned fat.
  • Lipo/B-12 injections were utilized to kick-start energy and burn fat.
  • hCG injections allowed their bodies to burn fat that was otherwise inaccessible.
  • Protein and L-glutamine were taken to build lean muscle.
  • Weekly check-ins with Synergy physicians ensured their health and progress.

The Results
It took 5’3” Melissa four months to lose her goal of 30 pounds; she is now a size 2 and 119 pounds– smaller than she was in high school. She is a skeptic no more.

“Medical weight loss works because it triggers the body’s natural mechanisms for burning fat,” she says. “The science behind it is solid.” So solid, in fact, that she has since referred most of her family to the program!

Darla, meanwhile, lost an impressive 30 pounds the first month and finished the program 50 pounds lighter. “When you get that weight off, you just feel better about yourself,” she affirms. And as for her pain? “I’m completely off pain medications now—even aspirin. I owe Synergy my health.”

If you are looking for a program that will give you the same satisfied feeling that these two ladies had, then you came to the right place. Better Life Medical utilizes the same programs that can be customized to suit your specific needs.

We understand that the possible change this can bring about your lifestyle leaves you hesitant which is why you may request a FREE consultation through our website or leave us a message here.

To your best most healthiest body,
Better Life Medical, Weight Loss
CALL  (865)288-8947 and Start Losing Weight TODAY!


Weight Loss Programs – That Really Work in Knoxville!

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