2 Main Causes of Back Fat and How To Get Rid Of It

Without a proper weight loss program, excess fat accumulates not only in your belly but on your back as well. This causes your sizes to go up and your energy level to go down. Let’s take a look at the 2 main culprits of weight gain and how you can lose back fat.

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1. Activity level
A personalized weight loss program can very well help you monitor your daily activities and progress when it comes to exercise. Taking inventory of these can help you see an overview as to how much exercise you might want to add to your daily routine.

If you find that you are sitting for most of the day, this lifestyle can lead to the accumulation of fat. Your body needs a fuel source to any activity and it gets this fuel from burning sugar and body fat stored in your system. Without using these fuel sources, the sugar and fat sit in your body and decreases metabolism, making you gradually accumulate weight.

2. Dietary habits
Aside from taking note of your physical activity, keep track of your dietary intake. Consider what you eat and drink daily and think about where these products are from. Are they processed with additives and preservatives, or do they come from natural sources? Processed food products are commonly high in fat, calories, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates. Yes, these are vital to regular bodily function but an excess storage of these leads to excessive weight and back fat.

Sign up for a personalized weight loss program to properly monitor this and have a guide as to what dietary habits is best for your goals.

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