What is keeping you from attaining your weight loss goals?

Often times we try many different options to lose weight and sometimes get frustrated when things don’t always seem to be going the direction we want them to go. At Synergy Medical Weight Loss Clinic we want you to be successful and to help you to attain those goals you have set for yourself. Some things that may keep you from doing that as quickly as possible may be uncurbed appetite, boredom, or even habits that we pick up over time that we may not even be aware of. Here are some ideas that you can use to hopefully help you to avoid those pitfalls and help you to change your like one pound at a time.

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At times you may feel as though it is hard to control your appetite, even with suppressants there may be an inner drive that is hard to control. A good plan of action is to be prepared. Know the foods you like and plan ahead. Have foods that you like that are naturally low in calories, or look for acceptable substitutions for those foods. For example, if you are looking for a crunch factor, instead of picking up that bag of chips eat a pickle or pop a bag of 100 calories popcorn. If nothing else will do but the chips make sure you measure out the 12 to 15 chips that make up a serving size and eat only that much. Some experts recommend visualizing eating a lot of whatever you plan on eating before you take your first bite. It tricks the brain into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have and can make you fuller sooner.

Sometimes we confuse appetite with boredom. We are bored and become fixated on finding something to do. Preparing a snack can take up time, especially during commercials, but it can be very detrimental to achieving our goals. I suggest a couple of things. Ask yourself am I really hungry or am I only trying to fill gaps of time with food? Sometimes acknowledging that you are not truly hungry can deter you from eating. If you find that you must eat and are truly hungry, as from time to time you will be, be prepared with some low calorie satisfying foods that will fill you up but not undo all the good you have done for the day. Salads with lemon juice or a low to no calorie salad dressing can satisfy and be very low calorie. Pickles offer a satisfying crunch factor and are typically at most 16 calories for a whole pickle. Popcorn can also be a great alternative; even the dreaded microwave version with butter is only 35 calories a cup. The trick to any snack is knowing the serving size and not eating from package but actually measuring out the serving size and enjoying.

Eating during certain activities may simply be habit. Unfortunately habit eating can account for many of our unknown calories consumed. Are you a grazer as you cook for the family? Do snack in front of the computer or while you are studying? Did you know that if you snack or eat while engaged in another activity you are less likely to be aware of all of the calories that you consumed during that activity? If you make it a habit of actually getting a dish and putting any food you eat on a dish and then actually sitting down to eat that food you are more likely to fully count the calories and may even begin to be aware of how often you grabbed for something without even realizing it.

The idea of life-long weight management is not denying yourself of the foods you enjoy, but being aware of their caloric impact and budgeting them just as you would your money. If you can only enjoy X calories a day in order to maintain your goal weight then you will need to learn how to enjoy the foods you like but within the number of calories your body burns in a day. We will all go overboard from time to time, life does happen. The key is to not let it drag you down. Exercise a little bit longer, not harder that could cause even greater hunger, eat a little bit higher protein rich foods the next day and less carbs, but most importantly get back to counting your calories to get back on track with either losing or maintaining. Just don’t give up it is a life style change not a diet.

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