7 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Lose Weight Faster

You are doing everything right. Eating healthy meals, working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but still, you are unable to reach your #Weightloss objective? Often times we think we are right on track but are still unable to shed those extra pounds and get a fit and lean body, but in actuality, we are making some mistakes that may come across as minor which can affect your #Weightloss goals.

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Here’s how you can upgrade your healthy habits and reach your goal effectively:

1. Watch What You are Eating and Count Your Calories Right.
Many people overestimate their daily calorie intake. A general idea is to measure it according to your BMI and then see how many calories you can consume. One of the major mistakes that people make is that they have a less active lifestyle and still think they need a 2000 daily calorie intake. Basically, it all depends on your lifestyle. Most people are also not sure as to how many calories they should consume at each meal time and how to split it up throughout the day.

Better way: If you are to take 1500 calories according to your lifestyle and BMI, then split the amount into 400 calories per meal and reserve 200 for snacking in between meals.

2. You’re Active and Think You are Burning More Calories?
You spend your time shopping and carrying those heavy bags, running daily errands and moving up and down the stairs. Are you sure you have burnt a lot of calories? Think again.

Better way: change the way you do your regular basic tasks during the day. If you are taking a bike or car to a nearby shopping mall, try walking to the mall instead. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. You Think You Can Eat as Much as You Want Just Because it’s Healthy?
Portion control is a term a lot of people disregard when it comes to healthy eating. A lot of people think that if they are eating healthy they can eat as much as they want. Your friend might be grabbing a coffee and donut and your sister is eating pancakes with maple syrup and butter on top – meanwhile, you are opting for a bowl of oatmeal with low-fat milk, topped with fruits and nuts and a glass of juice. You would feel that you have chosen the healthiest breakfast compared to them? Well, your meal might be high in nutrients but when it comes to calories, you have consumed more than 900 calories which are 70% of your daily count.

Better way: If you are wondering what should be your portion size, then you should note this down. Your meal should always consist of 10% lean meat, 10% rice and pasta, 10% bread and cereal and 70% fruits and vegetables. Choose smaller and darker colored plates.

4. Do You Choose the Healthiest Salad or Sandwich at Your Local Diner?
You choose a sandwich over a cheesy pizza and you think you’re good? Think again! Look closely into the ingredients and measure the calories. A turkey sandwich can contain up to 900 calories whereas 2 slices of flatbread pizza can equal to 500 calories (approx.).  Sometimes we feel that whole wheat bread is a better option but we often forget to look past the mayo and dressing inside the sandwich. Do your research.

Better way: Look up the nutrient value of the food you are eating at your local diner. See if they have an online option to look up the nutrient value of what you are putting in your belly. Here are some healthy tips to help with your Weight loss.

5. Do You Choose Food Labeled as “Diet”?
When people want to munch on snacks or sweet stuff, they go for food labeled as “fat-free” or “diet”. Food that comes across as low-calorie or fat-free may trigger the brain to eat more as it gives you a satisfaction that you are eating the right thing. This is not a wise choice.

Better way:  Go for the real food and choose the regular food items but cut down on the right portion size. If you want to eat chocolate, eat a piece or two to kill your craving but at the same time you will not be piling up calories, most importantly empty calories that come along with labels such as “low-calorie”.

6. You Believe in Strength Training and Crunches?
One of the major mistakes women makes when they want to lose that belly fat, they often times do a lot of crunches, but they miss out on a vigorous cardio session that is needed to burn down that extra layer of fat which is a hindrance in achieving toned abs.

Better way: Introduce cardio with strength training for better results. Combine crunches with fast paced cardio for ultimate #Weightloss.

7. Careful of Your Choices
Eating with distractions can cause you to eat more. People who eat at different times and different places tend to eat more. Eating your meal or snack while watching TV can cause you to eat more.

Better way: Have a fixed time for your meals and do not grab anything on the go. Avoid eating food while watching TV or while working on the computer.

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7 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Lose Weight Faster


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