How Losing Weight Changes By The Decade

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We’ve established that weight loss programs and diet plans vary on a person-to-person basis. The results are not the same for everyone and this all depends on personal goals and conditions.

One factor that can either be an advantage or pose as a challenge during weight loss is your age. Each decade marks a new set of roadblocks that keep you from your goal weight. However, with the right weight loss program and strategy, you can handle any situation.

Here’s a list of weight loss challenges by the decade and how to overcome them.

In Your 20s

A. The Group Dinner

At a young age, women tend to have more freedom to meet their girlfriends whenever they want and grab a bite to eat. Eating out (and the cocktails that come afterwards) make you take in more calories than you would have if you prepared a home-cooked meal.

Counter the urge by opting to order from the healthy options on the menu. It also helps to do your research and suggest healthier joints that your friends will want to try out too. Another proven tactic is to eat half of your meal and take home the leftovers for your next meal.

B. The Tech Zone

Nowadays, we take breakfast while checking emails and finalize tomorrow’s presentation over lunch. Research shows that eating in front of a computer or mobile screen makes us eat more and feel less satisfied compared to if we eat in a tech-free zone.

Consume less mindless calories by getting out of your work table or not staying in front of the TV when you eat.

C. The Midnight Snack

When you’re young, you can get through the morning with nothing more than an energy bar and a cup of coffee. However, when you don’t give your body enough food during the day, it will demand for it later on at night.

Never skip meals and be sure you’re not skimping out on the nutrition. Eat a healthy snack in the middle of the day.

In Your 30s

A. The Busy Mom

By this time, a lot of women start having a family of their own. Being a mom can consume a whole lot – if not all – of your time.

Find a gym with childcare or check out workouts online that you can do while the little angels are napping. You can also take long walks with your baby in his/her stroller.

B. The Empty Fridge

Growing a family can make it a lot harder to head to the grocery at short notice. Remember to stock up on healthy packaged food for when you need to make quick meals. Oatmeal with fruits and scrambled eggs takes only a few minutes but can keep you feeling full for hours.

In Your 40s

A. The Muscle Loss

As we get older, our muscles naturally start to break down and slow down metabolism. By eating protein and regularly weight training, you can fight – or at least slow down – this process.


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