Train In Teams

weightlossprogramsknoxvilleThere is not one universal weight loss program that works for all body types, which is why Better Life Medical is dedicated to make your weight loss program as customized as possible. It’s not only about structuring a strategy designed for your needs and goals, but every client at Better Life Medical in Knoxville should expect a personalized assessment from our team of physicians with regular meetings to check progress.

One proven way to make weight loss programs more effective is by taking on the challenge with a friend or family member. Especially if you’re still starting out, tackling a challenge with a loved one makes it more of a fun experience rather than a grueling punishment.

Having someone you are comfortable with join you in your weight loss journey motivates you to stay on track and you can do the same for them!

Take on the Better Life Medical Group Challenge today and jumpstart your journey to a healthy lifestyle with friends and family! After a week or two, you will find your body system getting used to the new routine, turning your daily changes into natural habits.

As if losing weight and getting fit isn’t great enough, every one in your group gets a discount! The more you get to hop on the healthy bandwagon, the bigger the discount is!

1 Person = 10% DISCOUNT
2 People = 20% DISCOUNT
3 People = 30% DISCOUNT
4 People = 40% DISCOUNT
5 or more = 50% DISCOUNT

CALL (865)288-8947 NOW and get more details or take on the challenge!

To your best, healthiest body,
Customized, Individualized Weight Loss Plans that Really Work. Trying to accomplish your weight loss goals on your own can be frustrating. Utilize our proven medical weight loss programs. Our trained Providers consult, treat, and monitor you throughout your entire weight loss plan. Start Today!

Request a FREE consultation through our website or leave us a message here.
Better Life Medical, Weight Loss Knoxville
CALL  (865) 288-8947 and Start Losing Weight TODAY!

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